The REAL reason I Foster

"Why do you foster?"  No question like this one to get this blog party started ya'll!  So rather then tell you all the textbook savy answers, here's the raw, honest to goodness truth, which is kind of how I do things.  Fostering is a choice, like my coffee creamer flavor of the week, it's a choice.  I choose to teach, hug, hold, and sometimes have my heart broken, with and for these littles who need it.  I choose to love.

Okay, Mili, as my pals call me, we get it, it's a choice, but why choose fostering? 

I was blessed to have three amazing and beautiful daughters.  God apparently thinks I'm capable of three teenage girls all at the same time!  They're becoming extraordinary young ladies, and I'm so proud to be their Momma.  So naturally, people see them, and ask, "It's because you could never have a son, right?" or my personal favorite, "You're chasing after your little boy, aren't you?"  Hurtful much?  Actually, although James and I prayed, and prayed, and okay I even bartered and pleaded with Jesus for a son, it was never in God's plan for me to birth a son.  It was in His plan for me to offer up all of our infertility, including all of my reproductive organs, to undergo a medically necessary hysterectomy.   We were confused and scared all at the same time, and yes, even questioned Jesus' plan and purpose.  But after being sick for so long, and then all of a sudden, finding myself healthy once again, I knew The Lord was giving me my life back to do something amazing with....for Him! 

I am choosing to become a Momma to many, many more children, including many super cute little boys these days.  So the way I see it, God has given me not just one son, but numerous sons, each uniquely and perfectly made, each taught to love and forgive, and about the beautiful way Jesus will love them, even after they may leave my home.  This is Jesus' reminder that these wonderful babies, are always His, and always will be.  

So you see, fostering is a choice, and it's God's life changing choice for not just me, but for my family.  Let's not complicate things by asking so many difficult questions, like "Why do you foster?" Besides, it's far more important that I'm actually responding to Jesus, by saying YES to His work.  After all, I'm just along, choosing love, for the ride.